Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Teenage Whores,

Dear Teenage Whores,

You're all over the place these days. You think it's cool to be giving blowjobs when you're 11, you have things like Pregnancy Pacts, others of you whine when you get pregnant. Let me break some things down for you.

First off, you're all fucking stupid! For those of you who are whining that you got pregnant, perhaps you shouldn't have been spreading your legs at your age! I've seen girls that are 11 and 12 years old that are expecting their 2nd and 3rd kids, kids they dump off on their own parents and end up just like them. We all know that schools should be teaching sex-ed, but we also all know that kids can find all the proper information on the internet, though lately they seem to be looking for ways to refine their oral techniques.

Really, what the fuck's wrong with you kids that at your age you think you need to be giving head and getting fucked, especially without condoms. They're not one of those age limited things to buy, and even the boys your age can wear the smallest ones. Remember, just because a boy is 11 with a little dick doesn't mean he can't make a baby, though clearly some of you girls don't have a brain and allow your mate to rely on the "pull out" or just not care. To make it short, if you didn't want to get knocked up, maybe you should have done one of the following, and NONE of them is really acceptable when you're too fucking young: gave a handjob, gave a blowjob, stuck to anal, used a condom, NOT SPREAD YOUR FUCKING WHORISH LEGS!

Recently, I was stuck on the bus with a bunch of kids from Hume Fogg Magnet School, mostly 9th and 10th graders from the pre/barely pubescent sounds of their voices. I was utterly shocked at some of the things I heard (though with the internet these days, I don't know why). These little 12-14 year olds were talking very seriously about sexual acts that TO THIS DAY I probably wouldn't even consider, and most of which I'd not even heard of or thought about when I was their age, and I was a horny kid.

One conversation in particular really disgusted me, in which a girl who'd apparantly just had her 13th birthday party was talking about the things she and her boyfriend did that night, including the words deep throat, up the ass, and creampie. That wasn't so much the shocking part as her explanation of why she did these things: because "that bitch he was fucking last week before we we started going out let him do all kinds of shit and I ain't letting her get him back."

Now, it's one thing to hear stories that high school kids tell each other about their massive conquests, like the story I heard some of last week between two boys, one of which whose voice hadn't even started changing and the other who was CLEARLY the biggest nerd I'd ever seen. The nerd was telling of the "hottest girl at school" just happily accepting an invitation to come to his house, where he lives with his grandmother, to play video games. First off, no girl labeled as the hottest at school is going to be coming to play video games with a nerd. He then told of how she said she was "hot" and removed her shirt and bra, and sat in his lap. Then he told of how she started kissing him, and told him the words "whip it out", something I've almost never heard a female say, much less a 9th grade "hottest girl in school". That, and the following descriptions of how big he was not only proved the story was fake, but caused me to get up and move to another seat far away from these boys for the remainder of my ride.

Don't get me wrong, that's the kind of story we all used to tell when we were in school, and its the kind you can clearly tell are bullshit. It's the stories that the magnet kids, the girls in particular, were telling that were clearly NOT just made up things. These little girls weren't embellishing anything, they were talking very seriously, and it's really fucking sickening. Don't their parents teach them anything? Give them boundaries? Perhaps discipline them? I personally am an advocate of a swift kick to a kids ass for bullshit, but too many people call that abuse these days. Maybe there wouldn't be so many pregnant 11 year old's if they got slapped a couple of times by momma.

Then we have the "Pregnancy Pact" girls; the girls who get together, make a promise to all be pregnant by a certain time, then take to fucking as many guys as possible to achieve their goal. I'm not talking about the Lifetime Movie either, I'm talking about the ones from the news, and the ones who pull that shit yet don't get reported. Why do they do it? You'd have to ask one that's involved. Personally, I think they've figured out that at their age, and being single, they can get money from the government and not have to work, as well as have their families take up the burden of raising their bastard crotch spawn for years to come.

That pregnancy pacts happen is fact, despite the fictional accounts from various tv shows (ie. Law and Order SVU, Bones, and Lifetime specials). These girls have some kind of problem mentally, and by the time these things are discovered, the damage is done and they're carrying their first (or second or third) child.

The moral of these stories comes down to the following: If you're not an adult, don't fucking act like one unless you're ready for the consequences. There's no need to be showing off your cooch or your tits when you're 11, you'll only attract sex offenders, and while other people might call you "innocent", by dressing and acting like you do, you're only bringing such pain onto yourselves. Your parents are also to blame, by allowing you to dress and act like little whores in the first place.

Don't be afraid to abort the kid either, it's your puss, your decision (as long as you don't wait too long). Sure, you could carry the kid to term, raise it, put it up for adoption (which is what the pro-lifers would say), but it's really not their call is it?

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