Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear Opponents of Gay Adoption

You'd think with all the homeless, starving, orphaned, beaten - you get the idea - brats roaming around the world, and you don't want parents that want to adopt, take care of, nurture, and love like a fucking parent should love to be allowed to adopt them, just because they happen to be a couple of guys or girls that love each other and *gasp* fuck each other, as happy couples are wont to do.

In other words, your only reasons for not wanting gay people to adopt is because you are scared of the gay people. They gays are bad, clearly, and we all know why. Aside from the deplorables (not all of us gay people like other gay people mind you) and the "Chesters", most gay people are perfectly fit to raise kids, especially once they get past that whole bar phase and into staying in shape and living healthy (we'll all get there one day, it's part of being gay don't worry). Whatever are you people worried about? Kids that have a different view of the world? Some that might be cultured or *gulp* intelligent? Let's have a looksie at some of your kid's grades, or how horrendous your little crotch spawn behaves out in public.

Worried about kids growing up gay? Really, most of us wouldn't want our kid to grow up gay, even the gay parents, but I guess it's just the Homosexual Agenda that makes us want to raise straight kids if possible, only to prevent them all the BULLSHIT we generally had to put up with, especially coming out young! No no, god forbid we just support the kid no matter what it turns into in the future.. within reason, we at Letters don't condone acts of animal cruelty, reasonless murder, or any of that Michael Jackson Jesus Juice shit either.

Maybe you think we'll molest the kid? I'd personally rather gouge out my own eyes, and as much as this is gonna shock you, most of the gay guys I know would tell you the same fucking thing. Child molesters should be drawn and quartered personally, be they straight, gay, male, female, whatever! That being said, I would gladly join you in the hunt and slaying of a Chester, no matter who. People are inspected deeply before adoption is allowed, and yeah, sometimes you get bad parents that shouldn't adopt at all but as we all know, "little girls getting raped by adopt-a-daddy is okay as long as it's not one of those two daddy situations!"

It's a sin? We'll you can argue that in the comments, but as long as you're not subjugating you're wife at all times then you're sinning too!

Go with.. ya know.. someone!

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